Saints Odo, Maiolus, Odilo, Hugh, & Blessed Peter

May 11 – SS. Odo, Maiolus, Odilo, Hugh, and Blessed Peter, Abbots of Cluny

The Abbots of Cluny are a group comprised of four saints – the great founding and establishing abbots – who successively ruled it from 910 until 1109, the centuries of growth and its zenith – and Bl. Peter who restored its fortunes after the disastrous career of Abbot Pons in the early twelfth century.

Cluny gave to the Church a model of a renewed Benedictine monastic life, that helped generate other, complementary, congregations, an ordered tradition of worship, the promotion of the arts in the service of religion, the encouragement of pilgrimage, the promotion of devotion to Our Lady, and a centralized administrative structure.