Saint Silvester Gozzolini

November 26 –

St. Silvester Gozzolini – Founder of the Sylvestrines, b.of the noble family of the Gozzolini at Osimo, 1177; d. 26 Nov., 1267. He was sent to study jurisprudence, but, feeling within himself a call to the ecclesiastical state, abandoned the study of law for that of theology and Holy Scripture, giving long hours daily to prayer. On his return home we are told that his father, angered at his change of purpose, refused to speak to him for ten years. Disciples flocked to him seeking his direction, and it became necessary to choose a rule. According to the legend the various founders appeared to him in a vision, each begging him to adopt his rule. St. Sylvester chose for his followers that of St. Benedict and built his first monastery on Monte Fano,and before his death founded a number of monasteries.

Image: Statue of Sylvester Gozzolini at St. Sylvesters College, Kandy, Sri Lanka