Organ Update

Our Wigton pipe organ is presently being finished in Mr. Wigton’s nearby shop and should be in place by early this summer. Festivities to observe its arrival await to be scheduled but we expect various liturgies and recitals over the next year. We hope they continue indefinitely after that!

Three important stops await delivery to the shop. For those who understand organ jargon, the three stops are the Great 4′ Principal, coming from the Czech Republic (and overdue), and both reeds. One is the Swell 8′ Rohrschalmei, and the Pedal 16′ Dulzian. Overall tonal work is best done with the Principal stop in place so in the meantime Mr. Wigton has been addressing other details like the two tremulants, the Zimbelstern, and some case modifications.

Meanwhile back at the monastery we are pondering logistics as far as blower space and electrical connections. Once installed we expect to design and execute a low screen to separate the bench and keydesk from the clergy chairs placed just behind the organist. This modesty screen will be designed to hold a number of hymnals and books and low enough to preserve the organist’s view by mirror of the east end of the room. ~djs

~Image: A photo of the organ in its former home photoshopped into a picture of the west end of the chapel.