Organ Thursday

Organ Thursday – Notes on the St. Augustine’s House organs, new and old

The existing organ in the Church of the Visitation, St. Augustine’s House, will be removed in the week of May 20 to make way for the Wigton organ which will begin to be installed later in the week of May 27. The present organ had an earlier life in the old Quonset hut chapel, and was enlarged when moved to the new church. Put together with various pieces and pipes from earlier instruments, it has served admirably. Even now, it is not being thrown away but is being taken by the Anglican Church of the Advent, Rochester, Mich. Its life in service to the Gospel will continue! Those who have contributed to this organ and those who have played it, are owed thanks. Those of us who have sung with it are witnesses to the leadership it provided. The song will go on.

Watch for further updates!