Organ Thursday

Organ Thursday – News of our Wigton Pipe Organ

In the Great and Pedal cases the facade pipes do not fill all the space. The remaining area will be covered by “pipe shades”. Here is a picture of some of them as they wait to be completed and installed.

Meanwhile, as we await delivery of the two reed stops, likely not at the same time, tonal finishing is about to begin. The organ needs to settle in and during this “shakedown” period there are occasional bugs to fix. It will be a while longer before the instrument is completely complete, so to speak. Meanwhile it is used at Sunday mass for hymns, and occasionally at daily mass for hymns. George Weckman, principal donor of this organ and a fine organist, will be visiting soon and may offer some further opportunities for early exposure to this exciting new instrument. Regular recitals should be begin by September. Dedication in October. Stay tuned! ~djs