A New Organ!

As addressed in recent Saint Augustine’s House Newsletters, we have acquired a pipe organ (you can read the Newsletter, both old and new, on the web page). It is presently being finished in the shop of David Wigton, Dryden, Michigan, doing business as Wigton Pipe Organs. This picture is a rough mock-up of how it will look in our Church of the Visitation. We expect it to be installed and voiced in the first half of 2019; stay tuned.

The organ was built in 1975 by Berghaus, but the original owners did not choose to complete all the pipework as planned by the builder. In addition, an intermediate owner retained some of the pipework that WAS built. This left us a solid frame with windchests and action, but fewer pipes. We have elected to finish out the pipework with new and re-voiced pipes that may “warm up” the sound of the organ with somewhat broader stops than were likely planned in 1975. The final result will be basically Baroque in style, but include enough breadth and variety to make this musical instrument more eclectic. For example, a planned for Zimbel (high-pitched mixture) has been replaced with an 8′ Dulciana. An unenclosed second manual has been fitted with swell shades. When complete, the Wigton organ will feature 17 ranks of pipes on two manuals and pedal with mechanical key and stop action.

As it is completed, installed, and voiced, we will follow it with pictures and further articles. We anticipate an exciting debut with a series of liturgies, recitals, and various programs that will highlight the beauty of this organ. We hope that this instrument will not only serve those at prayer, but also provide opportunities for the larger community in Oakland County, and Detroit, to hear a fine organ in service to the Gospel in a monastic setting. And this not only for the first year, but for many decades to come. Thank you for your generous donations for this long-lasting, beautiful tool for evangelism! ~djs