Wigbert, Abbot & Missionary

August 13 – Wigbert, Abbot and Missionary – c.670-747 –

Born in Wessex, he was an Anglo-Saxon Benedictine monk from the monastery of Glastonbury and a missionary and disciple of Saint Boniface who traveled with the latter in Frisia and northern and central Germany to convert the local tribes to Christianity. Today we also remember our brothers at the Priory of St. Wigbert. http://www.wigberti.de/?page_id=16

Priory of St Wigbert (Priorat Sankt Wigberti) is an ecumenical Benedictine monastery for men, belonging to the Lutheran Church of Thuringia. It is located in Werningshausen near Erfurt in Germany. This community includes Congregatio Canonicorum Sancti Augustini. Brethren in the priory are Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, following the Rule of St Benedict. The prior is Lutheran pastor Franz Schwarz.

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