Vespers on Christmas Day

Vespers on Christmas Day, and in Christmastide until the Epiphany –

O Savior of our fallen race,
O Brightness of the Father’s face,
O Son who shared the Father’s might
Before the world knew day or night,

O Jesus, very Light of light,
Our constant star in sin’s deep night:
Now hear the prayers your people pray
Throughout the world this holy day.

Remember, Lord of light and grace,
How once, to save our fallen race,
You put our human vesture on
And came to us as Mary’s Son.

Today, as year by year its light
Bathes all the world in radiance bright,
One precious truth out shines the sun:
Salvation comes from you alone.

For from the Father’s throne you came,
His banished children to reclaim;
And earth and sea and sky revere
The love of him who sent you here.

And we are jubilant today,
For you have washed our guilt away.
Oh, hear the glad new song we sing
On this, the birthday of our king!

O Christ, redeemer virgin-born,
Let songs of praise your name adorn,
Whom with the Father we adore
And Holy Spirit evermore. Amen.

~Office Hymn

~Image:  Triptych of the Nativity. García del Barco – Master of Avila, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons